About Mark Carlson

This is Me

Writing is my dream. A dream born in the 7th grade that I have actively pursued for over a decade. 

I’m a lover of Jesus, football, family, the outdoors, and most nerdy things. You will usually find me with one (or more) of my five kids climbing all over me. Or my dog. And that’s just the way I like it.

My wife, Jennifer, is pretty yummy. As the brains (and sometimes the braun) in the family she somehow keeps us from falling off the edge.

I played Marine for eight years after I graduated. That was fun and I genuinely miss it. I served two deployments to faraway countries fighting bad guys. That part I don’t miss.

Coaching is where most of my free time goes. My Buckaroos like to be involved in all the things. If I can sneak in a nap, movie, or a few chapters of a good book it’s been a really good day.




Semper Fidelis.

What type of world would we live in if everyone lived their dreams?

– Mark carlson